French Onion Soup

Ok, so here is where I go semi-vegetarian on you for the first time. Embrace it. While I normally shy away from anything chicken, beef, or pork, I can’t ignore the call of a really good french onion soup. And I’ve even learned to even enjoy it without the huge chunk of bread floating underneath the melty, cheesy goodness.

My dad is a huge fan of french onion soup. Actually, he’s a fan of anything with a lot of salt and cheese. I think my version might be too “healthy” for him though. Heaven forbid we use low-sodium broth! Either way, when I eat it I think of him, which is always nice.

G-Free French Onion Soup

4 medium onions, sliced

2 cans low sodium beef broth

2 Tbsp. butter (I use Brummel and Brown)

1 Tbsp. sugar

splash of white wine vinegar

salt, pepper, garlic powder and oregano to taste

shredded mozzarella cheese for topping

the main players

1. In a large pot, saute the onion and butter with salt and pepper over medium to high heat. Stir frequently.

onions and butter sweating it out

browned and sweet

2. Once onions are browned, add broth, seasonings, vinegar, and sugar. Simmer, stirring occasionally for about 20-30 minutes.

the main event

3. Ladle into crocks and top with cheese. You can simply stop here and enjoy, or broil the crocks of soup for 3-5 minutes until the cheese is crispy and bubbly. The last time I made this, we had friends over and just served buffet-style from the stove.

Optional: Use gluten-free bread or croutons in the soup underneath the cheese, though I don’t really think it’s necessary 🙂


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