Ways to Use Black Bananas: Part Two

To recap, I only eat bananas when they are slightly green. At the end of the week, most overripe bananas end up in the freezer. I normally just peel ’em, break them into two or three chunks, and throw ’em in the icebox in some Tupperware. These frozen bananas make the perfect base for a delicious smoothie that tastes more sinful than it really is.

Frozen Banana Smoothie

Warning: measurements in this recipe are all guesstimates…I never really measure when smoothie making.

1 frozen, overripe banana

1 cup-ish of unsweetened rice milk (or almond milk, soy milk, cow’s milk, whatever your preference)

1-2 Tbsp. lite or sugar-free chocolate syrup

1  Tbsp. peanut butter (we normally like to have all-natural peanut butter on hand, but since we haven’t made a Trader Joe’s run in a while, we raided our natural disaster supply kit and this is what we’ve got)

1 serving of protein powder, as per package instructions. **Note: the protein powder I used in this recipe is gluten-free, but made on equipment shared with wheat. If you are sensitive to possible cross contamination, please read the labels when choosing a protein powder**

The main players

1. Place all ingredients in blender, blend until smooth.

2. Add a couple of ice cubes for desired smoothie consistency.

3. Enjoy! Tastes great after a workout…they say chocolate milk is really good for you post-exercise…

The big finish


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