Operation: Good Food

I’ve had a strange relationship with meat since middle school. We’ve gone back and forth over the years, but my prevailing (and current) diet only involves fish and shellfish. I’m part Italian. By default, I am in love with all things pasta and bread. Last summer, I found out that pasta and bread didn’t love me back…it was Celiac’s disease, and a new way of life quickly emerged.

I’ve got an amazing boy who still manages to love me even though feeding time has gotten exponentially more complicated. He’s helped me on my journey to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while still enjoying what I/we are eating. And over the past year, I’ve begun to figure out small ways to make things simpler. More enjoyable. And maybe even a little bit fun.

In scouring product websites, cookbooks, other blogs, and cooking websites for inspiration, I haven’t really found a niche that consistently incorporated everything I’m about: health, simplicity, versatility, affordability, and taste. I’m hoping to create that here.

Join me as I share the tips and recipes that keep me and the boy coming back to the dinner table.


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